Borrowing limit mechanism

Credit cards have a mechanism called the usage limit. There is a cap on the amount of cash you can get a loan and the amount of a shopping loan. You can use cashing and mortgages as long as you do not exceed the set limit. A limit of 100,000 to 200,000 yen will be set for the year of enrollment. When you check the usage statement, in most cases the limit is written somewhere. If you have a high limit, you can rest assured that you will continue to use a slightly higher amount, but if your relief leads to relaxation, you may end up with a high-priced loan. Credit card limits haven’t been constant since you made the card. The limit is reviewed when the card is renewed, and the limit is generally raised if there are no particular problems with the repayment attitude or usage status. Good customers who have no problem with their repayment attitude and who use it regularly will have their limits raised, making it easier to use. There are also cards that allow you to raise the limit by applying from the user. If you want to shop as you like, the higher the shopping loan limit, the wider your shopping range and the more you can get what you want. It’s easier to repay if you don’t increase the number of borrowings from other companies so much, so I’m happy that the amount you can borrow with a single credit card is high.


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