Part-time job at a pachinko parlor

A part-time job at a pachinko parlor is a major part-time job that you often see in job vacancies. Pachinko parlors, which have a market size of 3 billion yen, can be said to be a huge leisure industry. Currently, there are more than 15,000 pachinko parlors nationwide. Although the number of participants is declining compared to the peak, there are more part-time job vacancies than in other industries. A part-time job at this pachinko parlor is popular with students and men who are confident in their physical strength. The hourly wage seems to be better than other part-time jobs. Hourly wages and working hours vary, and the content and ease of doing part-time work varies considerably depending on the atmosphere of each pachinko parlor. Even if I had a part-time job at a pachinko parlor, many people are confused because it will be different if I start working at another store. Even if you say that you work part-time at a pachinko parlor, the hourly wage, working hours, and work content vary. It will be difficult to grasp the working environment from part-time job information magazines. One way to find a job efficiently is to register for a part-time job on the pachinko parlor’s homepage, or to recruit only jobs in the pachinko industry on the Internet recruitment site. If it’s a local pachinko parlor, it’s a good idea to actually go there. Feel the loud room and the smoke of cigarettes. Cigarette smoke and noise vary considerably from store to store. If you want to work part-time at a pachinko parlor, you should check the local situation.


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