Law that can be used for caching with confidence

Article 43 of the Wage Business Regulation Law exists as a law that regulates money lenders. If the borrower agrees, the interest rate on the loan can exceed the maximum interest rate under the Interest Rate Restriction Act. If the interest rate is found to be too high, you can claim a portion of the repayment. Article 43 of the Wage Business Regulation Law cannot be applied unless certain conditions are met. Therefore, it is necessary to be recognized as not meeting. In recent years, the contents of the Investment Law and the Wage Business Regulation Law have been partially revised due to an increase in the number of people who complain of damage caused by loan sharks. These law revisions seem to have reduced the damage caused by loan sharks these days. However, the damage caused by bad financial companies is huge, and the methods are becoming more and more malicious, so I would like to be careful. There is a law that allows you to use caching with confidence, and the law may help us in the event of an emergency. However, use caching to the extent that you can repay it before you have to go bankrupt. If you still want to borrow money from cashing, be aware of what you need to be aware of. They are probably the most important to reduce the risk of caching.


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