Reasons for changing jobs and actual reasons for changing jobs

In job hunting, it is believed that the reasons for changing jobs are that positive or positive reasons are far more desirable than negative or negative ones. In fact, I don’t really know how many people quit their jobs and change jobs for positive reasons. I think there are very few people who can clearly say that they want to improve their current abilities at another company and that they have no complaints about the current company. “I have a lot of overtime and I can’t keep my body tight” and “I don’t have good relationships with the company” are the top reasons for quitting work. However, a positive reason for changing jobs is usually required in job change activities. That doesn’t mean it’s not a bad idea to quit because of so-called negative reasons, such as low salaries, unpleasant bosses, or hard work. I think it’s a problem to quit the company with the intention of escaping the current environment without clarifying the reason for changing jobs. In such a situation, there is nothing positive when looking for a new job. It’s not good for you to get a new job without a clear reason for changing jobs. This is because the situation may be similar to what you notice. The reason for changing jobs when actually quitting a job may be backwards or escape. The reasons for changing jobs in job change activities may be different. What is important in job change activities is what to absorb from the job change experience.


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