JA Bank Mortgage Examination Criteria

It is said that the examination of JA mortgages is considerably stricter than other mortgages due to the low interest rate. However, if you are a normal worker, it is worth using because it is a private car loan that passes the examination without any problems. JA Bank loan requires that you must be at least 18 years old at the time of borrowing and that you must be under 71 years old at the time of final redemption. If you have been working for more than one year and have an annual income of 2 million yen or more including tax for the previous year, you will meet the standard of service status. These screening criteria are generally not strict. This is all the standards published by JA. Since the examination of JA Bank loan is only credit, not only the income side but also the past borrowing situation and years of service are subject to the examination. Please be aware of these points when applying for a JA mortgage. Even if you meet the age and income requirements, other people who have a large loan at another company may not be able to pass the examination. When you are examined for a JA car loan, if you undergo a loan examination for other credit sales or bank cashing, that information will be sent to the credit information agency. Be careful not to make it difficult for you to pass the JA Bank mortgage loan examination by undergoing examinations by multiple companies. When considering a loan, you need to carefully consider your current employment status, income and repayment plan, and see if you can make a reasonable repayment plan. JA Bank mortgages that can be used for various purposes at low interest rates can be said to be quite profitable as long as they pass the examination.


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