Limits imposed on bankruptcy declaration

If you cannot pay back your debt and go bankrupt, it will have various effects on your daily life. When an individual is sentenced to bankruptcy, he or she is first restricted to various legal qualifications. You cannot be a lawyer, certified accountant, executor, etc., nor can you hold the position of corporate auditor, director, or corporate director. In addition, a person who has been sentenced to bankruptcy will be obliged to give an explanation deemed necessary. Residence is also restricted and you cannot change your place of residence without the permission of the court. Mail will also be restricted, and the bankruptcy trustee will first receive mail and telegrams addressed to the bankrupt. The bankruptcy trustee may also check the contents of the mail. The credit bureau will be informed that it has been declared bankrupt. Loans in consumer finance require a review, but they will not pass the review while the information is registered with the credit bureau. In addition to legal restrictions, there are also social restrictions that result from a bankruptcy declaration. Being sentenced to bankruptcy means losing financial credibility. There will be some social inconveniences, some trading activities and some inconveniences in our daily lives. There will be minor restrictions and restraints, but it may be unavoidable as long as you have been sentenced to bankruptcy.


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