What is a career change agent?

An agent or agent is called an agent when it is expressed in English. Therefore, those who are in charge of agency work related to job change are called job change agents. According to the law, it is a job type that “receives job offers and job seekers and mediates the establishment of an employment relationship between the job seeker and the job seeker.” This formula is called a paid occupational establishment. It is a private employment placement mediation company approved by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare. The job change agent understands what kind of human resources the company is looking for, and introduces the human resources that meet the needs. The reward is a success reward, which is received from the recruiting side. The feature is that there is no point of receiving money from people who are looking for a job or who want to change jobs in the name of a consultation fee. The information required by the recruiting side is directly gathered at the hands of the job change agent. Then, a job change agent who understands the job seeker’s desired job type, past experience, and ability will match the appropriate combination by searching for a combination that exactly matches the wishes of the job seeker and the job seeker. In addition, job change agents support those who want to change jobs and those who are looking for new jobs, and also play a role in facilitating job search. In addition to adjusting the interview schedule and acting on behalf of treatment negotiations, you can also expect to follow up on application documents and how to deal with the interview. It can be said to be a strong ally for job seekers and job seekers.


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