Features of FX day trading

Day trading is a form of Forex trading that closes trading in one day, but medium- to long-term trading trades in a longer period. In Forex, the points to keep in mind when buying and selling medium- to long-term trading and short-term day trading are slightly different. Day trading is the instantaneous buying and selling in the market of the day, just-width order to carry out, separated by time is not forced to become smaller. In many cases, we aim for a profit of 0.3 to 0.5 yen, and sometimes we aim for a profit of 1 yen. In day trading, you can hardly aim for a large profit of 1 yen or 2 yen, but in the case of medium- to long-term Forex, you will try to make a profit in the range of several yen. The foreign exchange market is called the sleepless market and is always open on weekdays. Among them, the volume of transactions is large and the price movements are active when the London market opens and when the New York market opens. Market movements are booming around 4 pm London market time and around 9 pm New York market time. The timing when it is easy to make a profit is when the price movement is active like this. Charts, which are records of foreign exchange rates, are important when forecasting the future. Charts separated by short periods are indispensable for day trading. Use charts such as 1 hour unit and 30 minute unit. In order to keep in mind the big flow, I also refer to the daily and weekly charts, but the main one seems to be the short one.


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