How to choose a job change support service

There are many types of job change support services, and they are provided on many sites. What are the key points when choosing which one to use for job change activities? Choosing a job change support service that suits your situation is the most important factor for a successful job change activity. Recently, the scout service of the job change site is often used because a lot of job information is available from the recruiting companies that are hiring mid-career. If you register your work history and desired job type from the site, a recruiting company that is interested in you will contact the scout, which is a job change support service. However, there are some points to note, such as being able to apply only for openly recruited jobs, and having to negotiate and coordinate with the company you are hiring. On the other hand, as a job change support service, there is also a portal site created by a job change agent, in which job information coming from multiple agents is collected. If you register on the portal site of the job change agent, you can receive scouts in the same way as the job change site. In this case, the scout comes from a career change consultant, not from a company. While it is convenient because you can work on the jobs that many job change agents have, you cannot apply directly to the company. As you can see, there are many types of job change support services. From among them, I would like to select an appropriate job change support service and carry out job change activities well.


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