Nikkei 225 Mini Stock Trading Method

It is not possible to trade Nikkei 225 Mini futures from a regular stock trading account. You can start trading futures by selecting a securities company and opening a dedicated account for trading the Nikkei 225 Mini. Most securities companies offer free account maintenance fees. Even if you are considering trading, it may be a good idea to open an account for the time being to check the operation screen and see what kind of service will be provided to those who have an account. not. To open an account, first select a securities company that handles trading of Nikkei 225 mini futures, request materials, and have them send you an application form. You can easily request materials from the Internet. When the application form for the Nikkei 225 Mini is sent from the securities company, first open a general trading account. Different securities companies have different documents that can be used for identity verification. In addition to accepting by mail, some companies allow submission by fax. After opening a general account, open a futures trading account. The general flow up to the start of trading is to apply in the same way as opening a general account, and if there are no problems through a certain examination, a futures trading account will be opened. The procedure for opening a futures trading account will take some time and effort, but it will be an account that should be a base for depositing important funds, so proceed carefully.


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