Reasons for changing jobs in job hunting

The reason for changing jobs is that you are usually asked during an interview. The reason for asking the reason for changing jobs in a job interview is also to know what kind of person you are by listening to the answer to that question, but I quit this company for the same reason as I quit my previous job. It is also to check if it does. People who quit their jobs because they have a lot of overtime are probably less likely to be hired by companies that tend to ask their employees to work overtime. I will quit for the same reason. On the other hand, if the reason for quitting is a human relationship problem, it seems that the problem will disappear if the environment changes. However, job hunting can be disadvantageous just because you have a vaguely bad relationship. Depending on the interviewer, you may decide that a person with poor coordination may experience similar problems, even if the face of the workplace changes. Also, people who have problems caused by people around them and who say that they are not bad are first refused. This is because it shifts responsibility to others and gives the impression that they are not thinking about their own problems. It will not hide that the reason for changing jobs is trouble with people at work. What is important in job hunting is how to express it. At the interview, the probability of hiring will be significantly different if you devise a little expression. Let’s talk about the problem clearly, what is the cause of the trouble, and how to deal with it.


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