Newspaper delivery is a painful part-time job

It is a part-time job of newspaper delivery that uses a lot of physical strength in physical labor of physical strength competition. It is not possible to work part-time in newspaper delivery with a light feeling. This part-time job is meaningless if you can’t continue, so it’s a good idea to think carefully in advance whether it’s suitable for you. Above all, it will be difficult for people who are weak in the morning and who tend to oversleep. This is because a part-time job for newspaper delivery is an early part-time job. It seems difficult to take a natural vacation. It is easier to take than in the past, but the reason is that the delivery area is divided. The part-time job of newspaper delivery cannot be taken off because newspapers are delivered not only on rainy days and snowy days, but also during typhoons and disasters, New Year holidays, Golden Week and Obon festivals. Part-time work on weekends with lots of advertisements and bad weather is especially hard. Even if each one is light, it is harder to carry than you can imagine because it delivers a large amount of newspapers. It is this newspaper delivery part-time job that requires physical strength. We hand out a number of newspapers loaded on the loading platform almost every day. Newspaper delivery such as housing complexes goes up and down the stairs. Therefore, it will use extra physical strength. During the hot, sweaty seasons, you need to rehydrate. Newspaper delivery takes longer than usual in the early morning on cold days. It’s still dark and there is a danger of icy roads.


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