About cashing borrowing examination

Many people would like to know what items are in the borrowing examination and what are checked. Borrowing screening is necessary for the company to measure the repayment ability of the customer and ensure that the loaned money is collected. Those who have used cashing so far and have been overdue for several months because the borrowed money could not be repaid by the due date, or those who are using cashing of multiple companies will be refused by the examination even if they apply .. Depending on the cashing company, payment history of utility bills such as water and gas is also included in the examination items. In some cases, the loan may be refused due to the difficulty in repayment ability. Even if you are a housewife who is not working, if your spouse’s income is stable, there is no problem with the examination. The method of borrowing examination for cashing is different depending on the cashing company. Even if you apply for the same amount of borrowing under the same conditions, one company may easily pass the examination, but the other may refuse. Therefore, even if you refuse once, do not give up. If you go around several companies with the same content, you may find a place that meets the conditions. In the borrowing examination, it is normal to confirm the enrollment at the workplace. It seems that there are rare companies that do not confirm their enrollment or omit it. The application requirements also differ slightly depending on the company. Documents that can be used to prove your identity must have a photo of your face, and some companies are not so particular about it, so be sure to check when preparing the documents.


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