Characteristics of foreign-affiliated companies

It seems that there are quite a lot of people who are changing jobs and want to change jobs to foreign companies and make the most of their language skills. I would like to introduce the characteristics of foreign-affiliated companies. Even if it is a foreign-affiliated company, its character depends on the capital ratio, history, and industry. If the Japanese capital is large, the characteristics are the same as those of a Japanese company even if it is a foreign company, and if the Japanese capital and foreign capital are jointly invested, it is said to be a merged company. It is recommended to choose a company with a large foreign capital that has expanded into Japan after the war, for those who are thinking of changing jobs in search of good foreign-affiliated companies rather than a company that has expanded into Japan for a long time. The latter is because the contents are mostly Japanese companies. Even though they are the same foreign-affiliated company, the characteristics of the company differ depending on the country of origin. There are differences in the way things are viewed between European companies and American companies, and I think there will be more Asian companies in the future. When changing jobs, it is important to keep that in mind. There is a big difference from Japanese companies. It means that the top personality of the company is greatly involved in management. Those who are thinking of changing jobs to foreign companies will need to research the philosophy and character of the president of the company that is trying to change jobs. In many ways, changing jobs to a foreign company is different from changing jobs to a Japanese company. We recommend that you start by understanding the characteristics of foreign-affiliated companies.


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