Mortgage Refinancing Procedures and Expenses

What steps do you need to take and what are the costs when considering refinancing? For refinancing costs and procedures for mortgages, we collect information on the websites and pamphlets of various financial institutions and conduct a preliminary survey. Each financial company has a different plan, and interest rates are also characteristic. Let’s also actively investigate refinancing campaigns for a limited time. Once you have decided on a prominent financial institution, it is important to visit several financial institutions instead of just one. What you should bring with you at this time is a tax withholding slip, a copy of the register, a sales contract, and a current mortgage redemption slip. Refinancing talks go smoothly, and you can check the details of specific costs on the spot. Compare the stories you’ve heard from multiple financial institutions to find the mortgage that suits you best. Once you have decided on a financial institution, apply for a mortgage refinancing procedure. Since you will be subject to refinancing examination, we will issue the necessary documents signed and stamped by the financial institution. The formal refinancing procedure will be completed after the examination has passed without any problems. We will set up a new mortgage, cancel the previous mortgage, sign a loan agreement, and pay the cost of refinancing. Since you are borrowing a new mortgage, you will incur various costs when refinancing as you did when you first borrowed. Stamp duty, guarantee fee, administrative fee, registration license tax, etc. will be charged as before, and judicial scrivener fee will also be charged. However, as a refinancing campaign, we may offer a discount on the guarantee fee for the procedure or for convenience, so please check it.


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