How to choose a school loan

There are several points to consider when choosing a large number of college loans. First of all, if you need money for education, it is a good idea to aim for a scholarship. Interest-free scholarships are a great deal compared to other loans. However, you must meet some conditions to receive a scholarship. If you don’t have enough money to get a scholarship, you’ll have to resort to a college loan. Private school loans and public school loans have their own characteristics. Conditions vary depending on the financial institution, so be careful when choosing. There are various comparison points such as interest rate, limit amount, examination contents and speed, application method, borrowing period and repayment method. You can apply directly by going to the counter of a financial institution, but recently there are some that accept online, and there are other means such as telephone and fax. When choosing an education loan, if you want to choose a loan with as low an interest rate as possible, you can say that the education loan of Japan Finance Corporation has a low interest rate and meets the conditions. This is an important point because the lower the interest rate, the smaller the total repayment amount. In addition to this, the education loan financed by Chuo Labor Bank has a relatively low interest rate. The floating interest rate is 3-5%, and the maximum amount is about 5 million yen. If you don’t have a public loan, consider a city bank loan. In some cases, private loans launch campaigns from autumn to spring to temporarily lower interest rates.


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