Second new graduate in the job change market

Among those who are changing jobs, those who have worked in society for less than 3 years after graduating from university, etc., and the younger generation up to about 25 years old are called second new graduates. Until now, I didn’t have a very good image of changing jobs for second-year graduates. However, although it has not been dyed in the colors of the previous company, it has the advantage of having good manners to enter society. It is a generation that has high potential in terms of age and is easily dyed in the color of the company after changing jobs. Second-year graduates are attractive in this respect and are now being sought after in the job change market. When I try to get a job, but when I actually do the job, there are times when it is different from what I had imagined, or when it is not the type of job I originally wanted. Therefore, the number of second-year graduates in the job change market is considered to be quite large. People of this generation may be less interested in lifetime employment. Currently, a large number of baby boomers have retired, and there is a shortage of young people due to the change of generations. The job change market seems to be a great opportunity for second-year graduates. Mainly in clerical work and sales, the demand for second-year graduates is high, and it is useful as an existence that can be expected as a worker immediately. The second new graduate is expected to be an immediate force even in the information-related departments such as IT and recruitment in the marketing department where the customer base is young. It can be said that the second new graduate is required of a company in the job change market where the sense of young people is useful.


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