Upper limit of cashing interest rate

Under the guidance of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, cashing companies are obliged to display explanatory materials and advertisements on financial products and loans at a real annual rate. Fees other than interest on the principal and document preparation costs are not separately recorded when displaying the real annual rate. This is because the interest rates displayed are set to include all expenses. These rules make it impossible to pretend that the real annual rate is low. The cashing interest rate used for shopping and credit, such as the purchase of home appliances, is calculated using the add-on method. Even in the case of the add-on method, it is decided to display at a real annual rate. The interest calculated by the add-on method is finally recalculated to the real annual rate, and the interest rates are displayed so that they can be compared easily. Regarding the real annual rate, the maximum interest rate (annual rate 29.2%) is set by the Investment Law. Therefore, if there is a cashing company that lends money at a high interest rate of 29.2% or more per year, that company is an illegal financial company. It is important to consider the real annual rate and borrow money from a company with a relatively low interest rate, but if the repayment is delayed and late fees are incurred, there is no source or child. Late fees are often set higher than the interest rate at the time of borrowing, eliminating the benefits of choosing a cashing company with a lower interest rate. Make sure you have a good repayment outlook so you don’t get late and pay high late fees.


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