Mortgage prepayment

Apart from monthly repayment, prepayment is the process of repayment of a part of the loan at once when there is a large amount of income. By making early repayments, you can significantly reduce the remaining mortgage repayments. The advantage of prepayment is that you can reduce interest expense by returning early. The strengths of mortgage prepayment are that the repayment period can be shortened and the total repayment amount can be kept low. Plan your mortgage prepayment, paying attention to the relationship between fees and mortgage deductions. The fee is for applying for prepayment. In addition, if the mortgage deduction amount is reduced due to early repayment, it may affect the refund. In recent years, there have been a wide variety of mortgage products. Competition among financial companies also seems to be intensifying. Let’s check when considering prepayment, such as the fee structure. There are roughly two types of prepayment methods. One is to shorten the period from repayment to repayment, and the other is to increase the monthly repayment amount. The former is a period compression type, and the latter is a monthly repayment amount compression type. The monthly repayment compression type has a higher interest rate than the period compression type, but it is less burdensome to the household. If you are burdened with mortgage repayments, you can choose to prepay your mortgage with a reduced monthly repayment amount.


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