What are the criteria for cashing examination?

You usually need to be screened to apply for cashing. What is the standard for this caching examination? Is it necessary to have a fixed income and a lot of property in order to pass the cashing examination? When you borrow money, you usually have a collateral or guarantor in case you are late for repayment, but you don’t need it for cashing. Even if you have enough property and income, some companies do not allow cashing. Lawyers and others are sometimes refused. If you’re an unemployed person, it may be natural that you can’t pass the cashing examination and borrow money, but why is a lawyer useless? Those who are engaged in legal professions naturally have a detailed knowledge of law. Financial companies seem to be wary of such points. Also, blacklisted people will have difficulty lending from any company while they are on the blacklist. Not only the annual income and occupation, but also the family environment is subject to examination. For example, a single man in his 40s has an advantage in cashing screening compared to a married person in his 40s or a divorced person who is obliged to pay child support. Those who can use their income as much as they like are considered to have higher repayment ability. Consumer finance makes it easy to borrow money, but the company wants to make sure that the loan can be repaid. When requesting a review, it’s also a good idea to think about how well you can borrow money.


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