Be protected in the event of bankruptcy

If you declare bankruptcy, you will be financially restricted in your life. However, on the contrary, even if it goes bankrupt, it is protected to some extent. In order to prevent the fact of bankruptcy from spreading from the submitted documents, the resident’s card and family register will not show the bankruptcy. The right to vote and eligibility for election is not lost and is protected. The fact of the bankruptcy declaration is recorded in the bankruptcy list of the municipal office of the registered domicile, but no third party can see this list. In addition, once an exemption is decided, even if a bankruptcy is declared, it will be deleted from the bankruptcy list. It is unlikely that the general public will see a bankruptcy declaration in the official bulletin, so there is no need to worry if a bankruptcy declaration is published in the official bulletin. Also, the bankrupt has to convert his property into money and pay the creditor, but instead of losing all of his property, the minimum is guaranteed. As a general rule, the bankrupt is guaranteed the income earned after the bankruptcy and is free to use by the bankrupt. The fact that a bankruptcy declaration eliminates any obligation to repay anyway is a great help to a bankrupt. In principle, you only need to go to court once for bankruptcy. In this way, even if you are sentenced to bankruptcy, the future is not all dark.


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