Trade stocks on the Nikkei 225 Mini

A product that trades Nikkei Stock Average futures (Nikkei 225) in a 1/10 mini size is called the Nikkei 225 Mini. The transaction started in July 2006, and it is a simple product that does not require individual stocks to be selected, and it has the feature that it can be traded with a small amount of funds. As you can see from the word mini, it is a futures contract that appeared as a mini version of the Nikkei 225 that was traded in advance. The Nikkei 225 Mini is a product that targets the Nikkei Stock Average and falls into the category of stock index futures trading. We are trading the index called the Nikkei Stock Average, which we see in daily news and newspapers, and this is an index that shows the flow and movement of the entire Japanese stock market, not the stock price of a specific company. The Nikkei Stock Average, which the Tokyo Stock Exchange puts out on average for 225 major Japanese stocks, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange Index, which is put out by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, are famous average stock prices. The Nikkei 225 Mini Trading is a transaction that takes 100 times the Nikkei Stock Average as one piece and uses that as the minimum unit. In the Nikkei 225 Mini trading, for example, if the Nikkei Stock Average is 14,000 yen, the price of the minimum trading unit will be 1.4 million yen. If the market moves so that the Nikkei average rises by 10 yen, you will get a profit of 1,000 yen. It is a mechanism to make a profit by buying at a low price and selling at a high price, or buying what was sold at a high price at a low price. It is the purchase fund when purchasing the Nikkei 225 Mini, but it is not the case that the actual amount is required at face value. Since it is a margin trading using leverage, you can start Nikkei 225 trading if you have a purchase fund of about 500,000 yen.


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