Negative reasons for changing jobs

If the motivation for changing jobs is negative, it can sometimes hinder job hunting. However, there are many people who want to change jobs due to poor working conditions or problems with relationships in the workplace. It is said that having problems with human relationships in the workplace and having a low salary for working hours occupy one or two of the motives for thinking about leaving a job. It’s not good to give a negative motive when changing jobs, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the reason for actually leaving the job shouldn’t be a negative motive. The reason I want to change jobs is negative, so if I just put up with the fact that I can’t quit my current job, nothing will improve. In the current labor market, the practice of lifetime employment is breaking down, so there is no reason to stick to one workplace. If the current situation is difficult and you want to get out of it and think about changing jobs, you should keep in mind that it will not continue until you retire. If you decide to change jobs only with the intention of leaving the current situation, the job change itself will become a goal. You should think of changing jobs as a means. It’s not bad to have an escape from the current situation as a reason for wanting to change jobs. But what’s wrong with the current situation, why do you want to get out of here, and how do you get rid of the problem? It is better to start the activity to change jobs after understanding and clarifying such problems.


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