About foreign currency deposits using foreign exchange

Foreign currency deposits can be said to be a less complicated financial product among asset management methods using foreign exchange. Recommended for those who are new to foreign currency investment, it is a style of carefully managing assets over a long period of time. Foreign currency deposits can be said to be converted into foreign currency and saved instead of saving in Japanese yen. There are several types of foreign currency deposits, but it is attractive that interest and principal are guaranteed on a foreign currency basis. To make a foreign currency deposit using foreign exchange, first exchange Japanese yen for foreign currency at the exchange ratio at that time. After a certain period of time, the deposit will end, and it will be converted into Japanese yen again with interest and returned to you. Foreign currency deposits that can be withdrawn and withdrawn at any time are ordinary foreign currency deposits, and foreign currency time deposits have a fixed deposit period of 3 months or 6 months. Foreign currency time deposits stipulate that cancellations cannot be made until maturity. Premature cancellation of foreign currency time deposits is conditionally permitted by some companies. Another advantage of foreign currency deposits is that you can make a profit by withdrawing when the yen depreciates from the time of deposit. You can get not only interest but also foreign exchange gains. If you deposit 1.1 million yen in a foreign currency deposit in dollars, you will have to deposit 10,000 dollars if the deposit is 110 yen per dollar. When converting 10,000 dollars to Japanese yen, if 1 dollar changes from 110 yen to 120 yen, 100,000 yen will increase as a foreign exchange gain.


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