What is the difference between cashing screening and credit card screening?

Cashing and credit card screenings seem to be similar, with many differences. First of all, regarding the examination, it is said that the examination of cashing cards is relatively sweeter than that of credit cards. However, the door to credit cards is wide, and it is possible for both part-time workers and housewives to make cards. On the other hand, part-time jobs are not considered to have a certain income, so housewives and part-time jobs may not have access to cashing. As you can see, credit card screening is more rigorous than cashing. In the cashing examination, this customer attaches great importance to determining whether the loan is in bad debt and whether the loaned money can be collected. In recent years, the screening standards for cashing have tended to become stricter due to the regulations of the Money Lending Business Act. It can be said that the cashing examination is a procedure to determine whether there will be any problems at the time of repayment and whether the money will be returned properly. The vendors individually investigate the risk of losing their income, whether they have the ability to repay, and so on. Looking at the examination in this way, you can see that it is not easy to say that the cashing examination is easier to pass than the credit card examination. However, the time it takes for cashing and credit card screening is much faster for cashing companies. On the day you apply, the examination will be completed and you can borrow some of them. If you need money in a hurry, applying to a cashing company can be very convenient.


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