Precautions for extra bite

There are some caveats to the extra bite. I have an extra part-time job, and it seems that I rarely encounter dangerous eyes. However, this does not mean that extras have never been involved in an accident during filming. As a precaution for extra part-time jobs, the local environment cannot be understood without actually doing a part-time job. It can be an indoor studio with a clutter of unstable props and machinery, or a set with poor footing. There is no doubt that accidents and injuries may occur during the part-time job if you are not careful to some extent when doing an extra part-time job. When shooting, it is not uncommon to shoot with settings that are completely different from the actual season, with extra bites. Extra bites are sometimes taken in the middle of summer with long sleeves, or in the middle of winter with light clothes like summer and waiting outdoors for a long time. Let’s devise various things by yourself according to the shooting environment, and manage your own health even with an extra part-time job. You may be stood on an unstable place on your footing, or you may be instructed to pass when the props are likely to hit you. This is also a point to note with an extra bite. If you make an extra part-time job and get into trouble, you may hurt the work itself. Let’s refuse what cannot be done clearly. This is also a point to be aware of when doing an extra part-time job.


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