Benefits of changing jobs to a foreign-affiliated company

What are the advantages of changing jobs to a foreign-affiliated company? It can be said that the best thing about changing jobs to a foreign-affiliated company is that there is no discrimination based on background, educational background, gender, age, etc. Anyone with the ability has a chance to change jobs to a foreign-affiliated company. The color of foreign-affiliated companies is probably that the ratio of female managers is much higher than that of Japanese companies. The good thing about foreign-affiliated companies is that if you work hard, you can be promoted regardless of gender. The personnel evaluation of foreign-affiliated companies, such as accurate salary increases, promotions, and demotions, is fairly clear. The merit of changing jobs to a foreign-affiliated company is that the results will appear in an easy-to-understand manner as much as you do your best, so I think you can take this opportunity to evaluate your ability legitimately. Unlike seniority-based Japanese companies, if you change jobs to a foreign-affiliated company, it is a great advantage to earn high income for responsible positions even if you are young. As long as it doesn’t bother the company, it won’t interfere with any employee’s private life. This is also a characteristic of foreign-affiliated companies, and in the extreme, it is said that an affair couple can go to lunch in the company. Foreign-affiliated companies have few bosses or seniors who yell at their subordinates, probably because they are not seniority-based, and when they call their names, they are called by their bosses because they are private. There will be no such thing. In addition to this, there are other merits such as a clean office and plenty of travel expenses. Recognizing the difference between Japanese companies and foreign-affiliated companies is the key to successful career change.


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