Current trends in the job change market

What is the current situation of changing jobs for each occupation? I tried to summarize what I know based on the information on the homepage. The IT industry seems to be the most active in the job change market. Especially for mobile systems, the commercial market is expected to become even more active. Therefore, there is a demand among IT engineers who are good at mobile technology. Currently, mobile is the seller’s market, but this situation will continue for some time. The financial industry is one of the occupations where the seller market continues. Insurance competition is intensifying as the ban on insurance product sales at banks was lifted in 2007 and foreign-affiliated insurers began selling insurance products in Japan as well. In particular, there are many job offers for people with experience in banking and insurance companies, and it can be said that people with specialized skills are in high demand in the financial industry. In addition, sellers continue to dominate the office and sales career change markets in any industry. Whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing business, clerical work and sales are indispensable occupations. I think the financial industry and the IT industry are the same in that regard. In the future, the more intensified competition with competitors, the more immediate human resources will be required, and the more specialized people will be required. Ready-to-work specialists are often heavily used by any company, as is the current job change situation known as the seller market.


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