Flow of cashing examination

What is the process from application to examination? For those who have no experience with caching, everything is their first experience and we want to make sure we don’t overlook it. First, apply for a loan. If you can successfully submit the application documents, we will ask you to do a simple examination. The results of the preliminary examination can be found on the spot, and you can tell us if you can make a loan. Cashing examinations are conducted based on the number of years of work at the company and annual income, and the maximum amount is set. Next, there is a confirmation of the document contents. Check that your address and phone number are correct, and make sure that you belong to the company you work for. After confirming the phone, we will start a full-scale cashing examination. At this point, cashing loans are already available and some can lend you money. The final loan terms will be decided by examining details such as income, occupation, years of service, and whether or not you have a name on the blacklist. In addition, the caching usage history and caching usage status at this point will also be examined. When the above examination is completed, a card will be issued and the examination will be completed. As a final step, a contract and cash card will be issued and delivered to you. After that, when you get a loan, you will use this card to complete the loan procedure. Some companies mail cards and contracts, and some companies deliver them at store counters. In some stores, even the card issuance is done by the procedure from the automatic contract machine. After that, you can easily borrow money with a card within the specified limit, so the procedure will be easier.


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