What is a mortgage bridge loan?

Bridge loans are important when making a mortgage. Even if you apply for a mortgage, there is a time gap between the application and the loan execution. You need money to buy a home right now, but it can take days or even tens of days to get a loan. A bridge loan is a loan that you borrow to accommodate your money until the mortgage loan is disbursed. Instead of waiting for a late mortgage, you pay a housing deposit or construction start with a bridge loan and repay the bridge loan with the mortgage that comes in later. After paying the deposit with a bridge loan, the land is registered. Borrowing a mortgage from a financial institution requires collateral, which is typically done on registered land. Then, the funds borrowed from the bridge loan will be repaid with the funds from the mortgage. In order to receive a bridge loan, it is necessary to enter into a contract, carry out the procedure, and pay interest rates separately from the procedure for the main mortgage loan. When building a new home, some companies allow a “proxy receipt” in which the real estate company receives the loan funds that the buyer should have received directly on their behalf and instead allows the registration before paying the price. Whether or not this form (called “proxy receipt”) can be taken depends on the real estate company. When buying land and building a house, you need to think carefully about whether you’re going to use your own money or rely on a bridge loan for the first thing you have to pay.


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