Currency suitable for FX day trading

When the market moves significantly, day trading is to take a margin so as to grab a part of it. For this reason, we trade currencies with relatively high volatility from among the currencies that can be traded. The term volatility is used to describe the intensity of foreign exchange market movements. The recommended currency for day trading is a highly volatile currency. When comparing volatility, it may be helpful to express the rate at a certain point in the exchange rate and the number after the change as a percentage. Taking the US dollar / yen in 2007 as an example, the price movement in the foreign exchange market is 17 yen. When the yen depreciated the most, it was 124 yen, and when the yen was the strongest, it was 107 yen. On the other hand, the price movement of the pound was 32 yen, the highest per pound was 251 yen and the lowest was 219 yen. When considering volatility, the US dollar is a currency that is less volatile and less volatile than the pound. The more volatile pounds are better suited for day trading operations. It seems that many people who are doing Forex day trading are buying and selling pounds / yen and pounds / dollars, which are currencies with large price movements. Swap points are a characteristic of Forex and are determined by the interest rate difference between the two countries. Since the time you hold foreign currency in day trading is short, you will rarely get swap points. When choosing a currency suitable for day trading, it is important that the market movement is straightforward and easy to read, and that the price movement is large. You don’t have to think about swap points.


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