Incorporation of statute of limitations for extinguishing debt

The statute of limitations for cashing repayments does not meet just over the years. Borrowing statutes do not apply without doing anything. You must inform the consumer finance side that you will benefit from the statute of limitations and claim that the statute of limitations eliminates the need for debt repayment. This is called the use of the extinction prescription of debt. It seems that cashing companies, etc. will ask for repayment with an unfamiliar face even if the statute of limitations has passed, unless the statute of limitations is used. A debt is not immediately invalidated just because the time required for the extinction prescription has passed. Therefore, even if the period until the statute of limitations has passed, the repayment reminder will be given as usual. Please note that if you inadvertently pay in response to this reminder from consumer finance, you will lose the extinction prescription. Since the contents certification mail keeps a clear record of the delivery of the mail, it is used to use the extinction prescription to draw the debt. Content-certified mail is a mail that asks the post office to certify the content, date, sender, and delivery person of the letter. If you refuse to receive it or if you are absent, you will be taken back to the post office, and if you do not pick it up within a week, you will be returned to the notifier. Make sure to send out such content-certified mail. By issuing a content-certified mail, it is clarified that the lender intends to use the extinction prescription.


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