Women’s career changes and qualifications

Qualifications are another way for women to successfully change jobs to a better workplace. By getting a qualification, you can improve your own skills and appeal to the company when a woman changes jobs. In the case of women, even if they are married and have children, if the person’s skills are high, the company will evaluate and hire them. Not all qualifications are required, and it is important for women to have useful qualifications in order to successfully change jobs. English has become an integral part of business these days. Therefore, English-related qualifications are probably the most popular qualifications for women to change jobs. If you can acquire English skills, it will have a very positive effect on women’s career changes. TOEIC is a fairly major qualification for measuring English skills. Among Japanese companies, TOEIC is a condition for promotion and promotion, and it can be said that many companies have adopted it. Therefore, it is a very advantageous qualification for a successful career change for women. Generally, Japanese companies with a TOEIC score of 600 or higher and foreign-affiliated companies with a score of 850 or higher are required to be able to speak English. Food coordinators, interior coordinators, web design, etc. are now popular qualifications for women. However, in reality, it seems that there are many qualifications that are not so evaluated by the company. It can be said that women who want to step up by changing jobs need to choose the ones that the company really appreciates when aiming for qualification.


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