Positive reasons for changing jobs

Thinking about the reasons for changing jobs from the positive side is not only advantageous for job change activities, but also beneficial for yourself in the future. If you can think that you were able to change jobs with a positive approach, it will support you in your subsequent work life. Even if you decide to change jobs for a negative reason, if you can change that feeling into a positive reason, you will be supported. First, take a closer look at why you are thinking about changing jobs and write it down on a piece of paper. Clarify the reason for changing jobs to convince yourself, not the motive to show people in job hunting. It’s okay then to create an explanatory motive for job hunting. Even if you have motives such as too much work, too much overtime, or difficulty in relationships, I will try to make it more concrete. Then, think about what kind of situation you are satisfied with. For example, even if some people have a hard time working overtime and are thinking about changing jobs, they may actually be dissatisfied with what they are doing. If your work is interesting and rewarding, you should be able to do some work even if you have to work overtime. Why can’t I devote myself to my work, and what kind of work do I really want to do? By clarifying the gap between the concrete content and the reality, you can create a clear vision that “this is the state you want, but this is the reality”, and you can read the reason for changing jobs in a positive way.


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