Machines used for part-time jobs at convenience stores

If you work part-time at a convenience store, you will be dealing with many machines. It may be a good idea to keep in mind what kind of machines you have before starting a part-time job. The POS cash register is the machine that will be used most often at convenience stores. In addition to the accounting function, it has various functions such as accepting Takkyubin and issuing tickets. Also, it seems that the machines are slightly different depending on the convenience store. Another feature is that the information is transmitted from the POS cash register to the headquarters when the product is sold. There are handy personal computers for ordering called handy terminals and scanner terminals used for inspections, and each one is like a small computer, but once you get used to it, it is easy to handle. A copy machine is also one of the machines that you have to learn how to use when you work part-time at a convenience store. Replenishing paper and explaining to customers who do not know how to use a copier are also important tasks. As the number of convenience stores that have things that can be used for developing photos is increasing, the machines used for part-time jobs at convenience stores are becoming more and more complicated. I often use machines for cleaning the floor in convenience stores. It’s a buffig machine. A buffing machine is a machine that polishes the floor to make it shiny, and once you get used to it, it’s fun work. A hand beller with a price sticker and a microwave oven for warming lunch boxes are also typical of the machines used in part-time jobs at convenience stores.


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