Credit card limit review

When you apply for a credit card for any person, the individual limit will be determined based on the content of the examination. The credit credit amount, also called the credit line, is the borrowable limit, which is based on the standard advocated by the Japan Consumer Credit Association in 1991. It is decided that young people and those who have little credit card usage will contract with a lower limit than the standard. After issuing a credit card, the card usage status and repayment attitude will be checked. Of course, you can also check the blacklist that is common to all companies, but until now, the frequency and location of use with a credit card, and if there were no problems with repayment, etc., are subject to examination for raising the limit. The limit is judged by a point system called a scoring system. The attributes (age, occupation, family structure, etc.) of people who have been able to repay are scored, and they are scored accordingly. For example, a person who is highly evaluated by a cashing company is a married person who owns a house, has a stable place of employment, and has a certain number of years of service. If you get a high evaluation, the limit for the examination will be set higher. When you want to raise the limit, there is no problem if you have used it so far and have not delayed repayment and have a certain frequency of use. In some cases, it is possible to apply for a limit increase over the phone. If you wish to increase the amount for the purpose of using cashing, you may get a negative image, so it is safer to apply for shopping.


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