Road to passing the customs clearance exam

How should we prepare for the customs clearance qualification examination? For those who want to get a job or change jobs as a customs officer, this customs officer qualification test must pass. The customs officer’s examination will consist of three subjects. You must study three things: Customs Business Law, Customs Law, Customs Tariff Law and Other Customs Laws, Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Laws, and Customs Document Preparation Procedures and Practices. Although it is described in detail in the Customs Clearance Examination Guide, those who are engaged in customs clearance may be exempted from the subject. If you want to pass the customs clearance exam, make your own study plan first. Regarding study methods, it is important to find something that suits you, such as whether to do it at home or go to school. Correspondence courses where you can study for the customs clearance exam will also be available. A reasonable plan up to the customs clearance exam is the key to keeping you motivated. The key to studying for the customs clearance exam is to understand the tendency of questions to be asked in the past customs clearance exam. Try to solve a lot of problems anyway. If you write the answer in the question book, it will be just a reference book, so avoid it. This is because it will be used for review many times until the day of the customs clearance examination. The point is to write more and more in the text and create your own text. Once you have solved the customs clearance exam questions, it is important to review them without forgetting, and even if you do not understand something, it is important to solve it more and more. It is also important to decide the amount you can do in a day and make sure to keep it in mind and review the mistakes. When you have a hard time, imagine that you passed the customs clearance exam and succeeded in finding a job or changing jobs. Remembering your dreams and hopes until the exam will help you to complete the customs clearance exam.


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